A Raisin in the Pun

The Good Place Transforms a Quirky Sitcom to Brilliant Work of Art

Let’s be honest, we are all big fans of clever puns. And even bigger fans of puns done in an original way, which is hard to do these days. The popularity of food inspired puns has greatly increased in the last few years. From viral videos on social media platforms to mainstream TV sitcoms – food puns are EVERYWHERE, you may not just be noticing them.

Take a look at NBC’s hit sitcom “The Good Place”. One of the delightful aspects of this show is the way it balances elaborate philosophical conundrums with slapstick humor and groan-inducing puns. The Groundhog Day-like shenanigans in this series are fun, but the better part of this series are the food jokes, from “Clam chowder is just hot ocean milk with dead animal croutons!” to the 14 different restaurant names that make you rewind your DVR. It’s a small, but meaningful creative touch that only adds to the series’ wildly funny (and genius) story.

For those that appreciate a good food pun (like I do), I’ve collected a few restaurant names that The Good Place has served up onscreen so far. Bon appétit!


You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food… The Pesto’s Yet to Come… Lasagna Come Out Tomorrow…Biscotti Pippen…Knish From a Rose…Crueller Intentions

Viral Puns

The sheer creativity of coming up with food puns has seemingly taking over the humorous jokes that we are all used to. Just take a look of this video that was uploaded to social media two years ago that went viral. You can’t help but laugh and also admire the creativity and thought process behind the clever puns.

In a world of social media and copy and paste antics, puns are a way to get genuine laughs and to get genuine conversations started. So stay creative world – what food pun can you come up with?

Laughter is the Best Ingredient

Creative Allies recently partnered with a unique brand, Pun Pantry, whose goal is to feed the world’s funny bone by taking food and pop culture and combining them to create hilarious merchandise, media, and recipes.

The brand couples their puns with original hand-drawn designs that bring the jokes to life. Together, the puns and designs are printed on a variety of products such as apparel, accessories, and kitchenware.   

They currently have over 20 mouth-watering punny recipes including “Fleetwood Mac & Cheese”, “Britney Spear Ribs”, and “Fresh Prince of Eclair”, and there’s punny more. 

Creative Allies and Pun Pantry hosted a design competition to find the next HIGHlarious designs.  With over 100 designs submitted, the brand chose their winner – Rick and More Tea!

Pun Pantry needs YOUR help to raise funds to build their business – they are looking to raise $10,000 to finish their cookbook and attend key trade shows in their industry to build company awareness. Check these guys out, share this story with your friends, and help support Pun Pantry!

Remember, laughter is the best ingredient!

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