Against the Current: Making Their Mark on the Mainstream

Against the Current, a chart-topping American pop rock band, has partnered with Creative Allies to create artwork inspired by the band and their new album “In Our Bones.” Formed in 2011 in Poughkeepsie, NY, Against the Current started off much like major millennial artists Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, doing covers of popular songs racking up millions of YouTube views.

Against The Current

Now on the Fueled by Ramen label alongside world-renowned bands like Twenty One Pilots and Paramore, Against the Current is one to watch as they finish the last leg of their “In Our Bones” tour performing throughout North America until January 2017.

I recently sat down with Chrissy Costanza, lead vocalist from Against the Current to discuss how they got their start, their latest album, our design contest, and what’s popular on their playlist right now.

Against The Current

Creative Allies:  You successfully performed covers for some time before writing your own music. When did you decide to change course to do your own songs? How is your third album, “In Our Bones”, different from your previous albums?

Chrissy Costanza: We actually had been writing our own songs from the time the band started, just no one knew about them! Dan and I wrote songs over video chat when the band was just forming and then we played a bunch of local shows for a year playing our own songs. When we launched our first YouTube cover, we released our first single the very same day. We hoped the cover would drive traffic back to our single. So from day one it’s always been about our own music! We just use covers as a platform to connect with kids who might not already know us. Our record we feel is the next step from what we accomplished with the Gravity EP. It’s still Against the Current but with more intelligently written songs. We spent a lot of time on the record as opposed to having to record the EP in just a week!

Creative Allies: Who are your musical influences and who is currently in your playlist?

Chrissy Costanza: We’re influenced by anything and everything we can get our hands on. We love so many different bands and artists and genres it’s impossible to pinpoint one or two. Right now some of the artists I love are Catfish and the Bottlemen, Bad Suns and The Chain Gang of 1974.

Creative Allies: We are very excited to be working with Against the Current on this design contest. What kind of designs do you hope to see from our creative allies?

Chrissy Costanza: We don’t even know what to expect! We’re just excited to see what Against the Current looks like through their eyes as opposed to what we always see.

flipagram_atc_1a-03 flipagram_atc_1a-05Want to learn more about the band, submit art, or vote for your favorite designs? Go to the Against the Current design contest.  You can get Against The Current’s debut album ‘In Our Bones’ at You can also check out the band in North America as they wrap up 2016 on In Our Bones Tour Part 1, and in Europe early next year kicking off In Our Bones World Tour Part 2. Go to for tickets and more info.

Diana Garland is a marketing intern with Creative Allies.

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