4 Reasons Not To Buy the iPhone X

Why I’m Not Buying The iPhone X

Once again the latest iPhone fails to impress me in many ways. Although it is the smartest device Apple has built (they claim), it does have a number of flaws that are big enough to convince me to stay away. iphone x

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in all the Apple hype. Apple is known for their flashy conferences and catchy ads. But if you take a step back and have an honest and open look at Apple’s new smartphone, you’ll quickly realize that the iPhone X isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It Doesn’t Have The “it” Factor

The iPhone X is packed with the latest technology. This device has a dual-camera setup on the back, a bezel-less display, a powerful hard drive, and also supports wireless charging. The problem is that these features are not really that new. These features have already been present on a number of Android smartphones. What took Apple so long to catch up?

The truth is that the new iPhone lacks the “it” factor for me, there is not one unique feature that is exclusive to the iPhone brand that makes this smartphone stand out from the crowd.

Most Expensive Phone On The Market

Money down the drainTwo months ago Samsung shocked the public with its high price tag for the Galaxy Note 8. However, starting at $999, the new iPhone X makes the Note 8 look like a Black Friday Door Buster deal. Plus, you get a ton more features with the Galaxy Note 8. 

It’s the most expensive iPhone to date and based on what it brings to the table compared to the competition, it’s almost impossible to justify its high price. The price is way too high in my opinion, especially when you consider that you can get your hands on a number of Android smartphones that offer more features for far less money.

The Security

The security feature that has become standard on most high-end smartphones has been replaced by Apple’s Face ID. To unlock your iPhone X, you place the phone in front of your face, then swipe up. iphone x

A recent review stated that this technology was tricked by a photo that someone held up to the camera. Apple claimed that this couldn’t happen with it’s technology and that there’s a slim chance another person could unlock your phone. Call me old school, but I don’t trust it and something about this security makes me skeptical.   

The Design

Let’s face it, looks are important — no one wants an ugly smartphone. While I wouldn’t necessarily call the iPhone X ugly, I also wouldn’t say that is the most sleek looking phone. The overall design could be described as lackluster, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd in any way, and is a bit boring for my taste.

The entire phone is encased in glass. According to Cnet, the iPhone X miserably failed their drop test. Are you kidding me Apple?! Do you know how many times a day I drop my phone? I know I’m a bit of a klutz, but I can’t be the only one that frequently drops their phone. And If you think the phone itself is expensive – taking it to the apple store to fix a broken screen will cost you $500. Should I just sign my soul over to Apple now? Cracked iphone x

I have been a huge fan of Apple products for the majority of my adult life. But lately it seems like Apple has dropped the ball in its effort in keeping up with the competition. I can’t help but think that the high price tag is a marketing plan created to make you believe that this is the best product on the market right now. I’m here to tell you, it’s not. If you are planning on getting the iPhone X, I challenge you and BEG you to do your research first.

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