2018 Grammys: Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media

Music is what ultimately brings a movie together. Can you imagine films like “Titanic”, “The Lord of the Rings” or even “Purple Rain” without their legendary and memorable soundtracks?  The movies would, of course, still be great but a lot of the magic would be lost. (Yes. All of those movies won Grammys!)

This award is an honor presented to a composer (or composers) for an original score created for a film, TV show/series, video games or other visual media. This year’s nominees all come from wonderful movies with nothing short of incredible soundtracks. All contenders are deserving of the award but I think the winner is quite obvious.

Baby Driver – (Various Artists) / Edgar Wright, compilation producer

SUCH an amazing soundtrack for SUCH a fun movie. It’s basically a car chase set to rock & roll… and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. The film is named after a Simon & Garfunkel song (from their GRAMMY-winning album, Bridge Over Troubled Water) and features a total of 35 songs, including 3 original tracks. The music of Baby Driver sets the stage for an exciting, adrenaline-pumping and wild ride that is similar to that of a Tarantino or Scorsese film. Choreographed to fit the soundtrack, with tiny nuances that flow with the music perfectly, its easy to see why this soundtrack is nominated.

With fist pumping tunes from T.Rex and Beck, to favorites from Blue, Queen and The Beach Boys and Golden Earring, this is my personal choice for Runner Up. I would be happy to see it win as its absolutely deserving but I don’t think it will. But there is no denying this movie soundtrack is one for the books!

Hidden Figures – (Various Artists) / Pharrell Williams; Pharrell Williams, compilation producer

What CAN’T Pharrell do? From simply making the entire world ‘happy’, he now wears two more hats as a producer & songwriter. This 60’s pop-soul compilation is full of powerful songs led by strong female vocalists Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and film co-star Janelle Monáe. My favorite comes from Lalah Hathaway on “Surrendor” as the song perfectly represents the heart & soul of Hidden Figures. It’s such an addictive track full of an incredibly authentic Motown-vibe that is sure to get your feet tappin’.

Again, I would be happy if this took home won the award because it really is THAT good. It truly is a  complimentary soundtrack that highlights the greatness of the film, helping it’s light to fully shine.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 -(Various Artists) / James Gunn, compilation producer

In these movies, the songs have always been a way of identfying Peter Quill’s mom, Meredith. And through the music, we know exactly who she is. A music lover who knows what she likes, her quirkiness is heard throughout this mix. As a lover of creating my own mixes, I think this soundtrack idea is beyond creative. A separate soundtrack of the film’s score was released but with songs from Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, Cheap Trick and Parliament, I’m ecstatic that this was nominated for such an awesome award.

I’ve grown up on a lot of these songs and to have them brought back into the spotlight decades later is super cool. However, it’s up against original soundtracks that are so strong that it’s hard to see this beating out its competition. But how fun would THAT be?!

La Land – (Various Artists) / Marius de Vries & Justin Hurwitz, compilation producer

From the opening traffic-jam to the bittersweet, melancholy end, the magic that is La La Land is evident in every single musical note. This movie represents all that is nostalgic and dreamlike about being in love, creating an exquisite soundtrack that is a love-letter to the timeless city of Los Angeles. Ryan Gosling, as Sebastian, melts his way into everyone’s hearts in the simple but sweet “City of Stars”. But it’s Emma Stone, as Mia, who shines the brightest in this film, especially through the words of “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)“. The visuals of La La Land are in a category all their own but the music is what enriches the movie fully and really attributes to setting every scene.

Every soundtrack this year is wonderful in its own ways but La La Land is too superb to ignore. There’s no way it won’t win. It’s simply too magical.

Moana: The Songs – (Various Artists) / Opetaia Foa’i, Tom MacDougall, Mark Mancina & Lin-Manuel Miranda, compilation producers

Combining traditional South Pacific culture with pop and Broadway, Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda’s talent shines in Moana. The Polynesian vibe is so beautiful, creating songs that are catchy with great singers and music & lyrics that are simply gorgeous. My favorite part is that all of this is done without so much as suggesting a love interest. If you’re a Disney fan, you know how unusual this is but the more modern approach simply adds to this film. The vocals on Auli’i Cravalho on “How Far I’ll Go” are strong and inspirational, just like the film itself.

 (Fun fact: “You’re Welcome” was written as a tribute to David Bowie.)

This soundtrack is stellar and is easy to listen to from start to finish. However, it’s competition is large and may overshadow this one a bit.

Which soundtrack gets your vote? Tell us below!

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