2018 Grammy’s: Best Comedy Album

Everybody Loves To Laugh

When there is so much political discord in the country and people can find a way to disagree on everything, entertainment is usually something that can bring people together.  Everyone likes some type of music, sports, or comedy and we can all usually find something to agree on.  

In fact, the Grammy’s are usually in February but they decided to move it a little earlier this year.  Why? Sports.  The Winter Olympics start in February so they figured that music wasn’t quite as popular as sports.  So to protect the ratings it got moved.

The Grammy Awards are mostly known for music, who the host is, and who is performing.  But the award for Best Comedy has actually been around since 1959 when the Grammy Awards first started. Comedy, of course, is a performance so it makes sense.  Imagine just standing there on a stage, no band, no dancers, just you and a microphone.  And you better be funny and entertain the crowd.  That’s a performance.

2018 Grammy Nominees

The nominees this year are all veterans in comedy.  Of the five nominees, four of them are from Netflix comedy specials.  Netflix is really changing the game in every way, and in recent years they have made an effort to focus on bringing fans the biggest names in comedy.  You’ve probably heard of the crazy amounts of money being given to Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer as of late for their comedy specials.  And people are watching.  

It’s always hard to gauge the Grammy’s and whether the winners are picked on who is the most popular, who is the least controversial, etc.  Is it really about the performance or something else?  

Here are the nominees for this year’s Best Comedy Album:

The Age Of Spin & Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Dave Chappelle

Chappelle has been making his ‘comeback’ for a few years now after his long sabbatical from comedy.  A lot of people say that he’ll never be as funny as he was on the Chappelle Show, but that show was a phenomenon and it’s hard to top.  Needless to say though, he’s still funny as hell.  Will he ever deliver ‘the Black White Supremacist’ or ‘Dave Chappelle as Prince’ or ‘the Racial Draft’ – probably not, but those were and always will be classic from when the Chappelle Show was ahead of its time.  

Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is on his fifth comedy special.  He’s a seasoned comedian who focused on things we can all relate to – being lazy and loving food.  He also talks a lot about his kids since he and his wife have five of them.  Gaffigan is labeled as a ‘clean’ comedian – there aren’t too many of those as popular as he is.  If you want to go to a comedy show with your kids and your parents, he’s probably the right choice, not too much controversy or bad language.


Jerry Before Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

Seinfeld is by far one of the most famous names in comedy today.  He came into our lives in the late eighties, with a show about nothing, that is still one of the most popular shows of all time.  Seinfeld has been on his grind ever since then, and into his early sixties he still sells out shows around the country.  In this special, Jerry talks about life before he was famous.  Lots of stories and re-enactments of his childhood and growing up in Long Island.  He’s still as funny as ever.

A Speck Of Dust
Sarah Silverman

The lone female in the bunch is Sarah Silverman.  Sarah is a pretty controversial comic and talks about everything you aren’t supposed to, which is why she’s so popular and funny.  It’s what we expect from comedy, edgy and controversial to make you think and spark debate.  She’s done a number of comedy specials, and this is her third Grammy nomination.  Her comedy isn’t for the weak, so buckle up for what comes out of her mouth in this special.  After a pretty big health scare in 2016, Sarah is back and still the same funny as before.

What Now?
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has been riding high for the last few years.  Even though he’s been grinding for a while, it seems like he came out of nowhere with special after special, and movie after movie.  Kevin Hart is one celebrity that really embraced social media at the right time, and he’s amassed a following of millions that would literally support anything he does.  This special is the only one nominated that isn’t a part of Netflix.  The comedy special was shot in an outdoor stadium, pushing the envelope even further, and starts with a movie inspired intro featuring Halle Berry.  Yeah, Kevin Hart is feeling himself a little, but who wouldn’t.  He’s to the point, where it doesn’t matter how funny he is or isn’t, he’s put himself in the position to win and be considered one of the world’s top comedians.

So who will win the Grammy this year?

I’m not sure.  The safe, no controversy bet would be to pick Seinfeld.  Nobody would argue with that one and sometimes the Grammy’s play it safe.  Dave, Kevin, and Sarah are so controversial that one of them winning would spark some debate over what is or isn’t funny and sometimes the Grammy’s just don’t go that route.  Jim is also safe but not nearly as well known as the others.  So I think it will be Seinfeld for the win, but we’ll see what happens.

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