2018 College Football Championship Game Questions and Answers

Hey, Hey – Welcome back! In this article I am going to attempt to answer all of your questions about the 2018 College Football Championship game. I never expected Georgia to make it this far – so like many, I’m still trying to make sense of it all (My really good friend is a huge Georgia fan – sorry, Buck).  


Months ago I planned on writing about Penn State in this article, but let’s be real PSU really blew their chance of making the playoffs. But who would have expected Georgia to win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the semi finals? After all, Oklahoma has a stud quarterback in Baker Mayfield whom most think is going to be the next “Big Deal” in the NFL (I don’t agree – but that’s for another article) . But I I wanted to catch everyone up and answer the basic questions:


What time is it?

Kickoff is at 8:17 p.m. ET TONIGHT.

What channel is it on?

The game will be broadcast on ESPN, and if you don’t have cable, you can catch it on Watch ESPN the app.

Where is it?

The game will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

What team usually plays there?

It’s the home of the Atlanta Falcons, winners of the 2017 Super Bowl “They Tried Award”.

The Georgia Dome?

They did play there! But the Georgia Dome was demolished at the end of November, in an event that captured the attention and imagination of literally every single American. If you’re ever bored, find a building being blown up. It will change your life – I promise.

Now they play in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a brand new stadium that looks like something from the future.

Anyway, who’s playing in this game?

This year’s matchup will pit southern powerhouse the Alabama Crimson Tide against well, uh, kinda southern powerhouse the Georgia Bulldogs.

What schools do these teams represent and where are they?

The University of Alabama is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the University of Georgia is in Athens, Georgia.

Do they even still play football in the North?

It’s hard to say. But I’m going to guess, NO!

More about the matchup!

Both of the teams going for the championship are from the Southeastern Conference, more commonly referred to as the SEC.

The SEC connection makes the matchup absolutely AWESOME to some, and extremely boring to others. One reason people may find it boring is that the SEC is almost ALWAYS represented in the championship game. Like I said

Who are the coaches?

The Georgia coach is Kirby Smart, and the Alabama coach is former Alabama senate write-in candidate Nick Saban .

Nick Saban. The God of College Football.

He’s an extremely important college football man. He has coached the Tide to four of their 16 national titles and as of last year, he was the highest paid public employee in America.

Nick Saban could buy your entire life.

How many national titles has Georgia won?

Two, one in 1942 and one in 1980. So it’s been 38 years since the Bulldogs have won a championship (Wow… I feel old now).

How long has it been since Alabama won?

Two years. Like I said, no shock that Alabama is in the championship.

Who are the quarterbacks?

The Alabama quarterback is Jalen Hurts. The Georgia quarterback is Jake Fromm.

Who’s going to win?

More than likely Alabama will win. I mean they always win.

Can you get tickets?

Well, you can, if you want to spend an entire car’s worth of money on them. The lowest-price nosebleed section ticket on Stubhub is $1,598 – just watch it on TV like many of us.

Is the President going?

Oh, yeah. President Trump is scheduled to attend the game – he has nothing better to do I guess, so if you have any plans of driving anywhere around Atlanta, just don’t.

What’s the prize for the champions?

The point of all of this is to be the team to claim the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy. Here’s a look.

Personally, I think the trophy could be better…

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